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In the Starter Kit you get:

2 Batteries
5 Cartridges (prefilled)
2 Cartridges (blank)
1 USB Charger
1 Wall Charger
1 Storage Tin
1 User Manual


Throat Hit
Vapor Production
Longevity of Cartridge
Longevity of Battery
Value for Money


Our Review – Halo

The first thing I’d like to say about this product is do not confuse it with the UK Halo brand (it is a totally different company).

Now, down to the review. Halo’s G6 comes in an uber-cool round tin (just the same as their e-juices) and the actual e-cig we tested was a really nice blue satin finished battery that feels great to hold.

They state that their Infiniglow enhanced battery, Flameguard anti-burn filler technology and Thermoflow vapor heating system is next generation vaping. Lets see shall we?

Charge the batteries, fill the cartridge and away we go!
It states in the instruction manual that you can re-fill the cartridges, just after stating that the cartridges are designed to be disposable, I think this may have to be re-written or are you trying to confuse us Halo?!!! As stated above, you do get prefilled (disposable cartridges x 5) and you get 2 empty cartridges in the kit as well, so by inference, the later are re-fillable, but you can decide to re-fill or use a fresh cartridge every time (the choice is yours!).

Anyway, to fill the cartridges is really easy, all you do is remove the rubber cap from the end of the cartridge and drip 0.75ml of your favorite e-juice into the filler that soaks up the e-juice and replace the cap.

We tested some of Halo’s Malibu e-juice and was immediately struck by how much vapor and throat hit you get. The flavor comes through really well which is also a big bonus and the overall vaping experience is one of total pleasure. The cartridge lasted pretty well too, but obviously this will vary dependent on how much you use it.


I am really happy to give this product top marks for everything! It looks really cool, it’s easy to use, It oozes quality and feels fantastic in your hand, it vape’s really well with great throat hit and vapor production, I really can’t fault it.

The G6 is billed by Halo as next generation technology and I think they just might be onto something here!

Additional Info

  • 100% American made e-liquid
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 1 year warranty
  • Large selection of battery colors available (including fuchsia, titanium, demon red and midnight blue.

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